Firefox vs Internet Explorer

I have been using both firefox and internet explorer since I have heard of mozilla in my army days. I experimented with firefox for a while, but due to my reluctance to venture out to explore more about the browser, I soon switched back to IE and have been using it since. One major factor lies in the fact that some webpages look outrageous in Firefox, including my previous blog design. That was so... until IE 7.0 Beta appeared.

I was using IE7 for quite a few months, then I realised that IE7 was extremely not user-friendly, takes up way more resources in my laptop, and it takes forever to load. Then I had a lecture on IP and my lecturer talked about open source software and that led me back to Firefox. Then... I discovered a whole new dimension to Firefox. Firstly, Firefox now has an IE tab, which allows users to view a webpage in IE form without exiting from the Firefox interface. Then, I realise that Firefox also has this Foxytune that allows me to listen to music from my WM player 11 without actually opening the player itself while I'm surfing the net. This means that WM player 11 would not be taking up even more resources from my laptop, even though sometimes I have to open the player manually to change playlist. Finally, my blog looks cool in Firefox.

All in all, Firefox allows the users to customise their browser in the way they want it, and it works better and faster than IE7, so why bother about IE7. Furthermore, I get updates of Firefox oftenly, therefore allowing my browser to be kept up to date. IE is certainly playing a losing game, at the very least, playing a losing game with me. Now, I have sworn my internet loyalty to Firefox!!!!

By the way, this blog now is better viewed by Firefox, as the Flooble can only be used thru Firefox (dun ask me why, I'm also trying to figure out), but then, the IE users get to listen to the music, so I think it's fair.


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