I was thinking about existential issues the other day, and then I began to think about people who were motivated by a lot of things other than God. Then I began to think about the meaning of life. How can we bring across the meaning of life to people that there must be something more than just living and dying? Then I thought of the traffic light.

The Traffic light analogy

Note that this analogy can be applied to basically anything that man has created.

Basically, there is the traffic light at the junction. Think about it, what is the traffic light there for? It's for controlling the traffic, right? How did it come about? Someone must have assembled all the parts and put it there, right? To put it simply, if I tell you, it's there because of some random chance, and possibly with some luck, the pieces were able to come together by itself, with no external assistance, you would have thought that I'm nuts! So the first premise we have established is that the traffic light must have been there because someone has done something to make sure that it's there, and pure random chance is a stupid answer.

Then, think again, what is the traffic light doing? To control the traffic... but for who? For the human beings who created it, right? So, in effect, we can say that its purpose is entirely to serve the human beings who created it, right? Which means, if human beings are not around, if we were to all die, traffic light would serve no more purpose, right? As such, we can conclude that the traffic light is there, for the very purpose of serving its creator. It's there because of its creator and to serve its creator. So, in the end, it also means that it can't be there, as a result of random chance, to serve its creator, right? Otherwise, it will have no meaning in its existence.

What does that mean for us?

We, as human beings, are like the traffic lights. Do we want to see ourselves as a product of random chance? If so, why are we doing the things that we are doing? There has to be some sort of reasons that we exist, just like there is a reason why the traffic light is there in the first place. As a result of our human complexity, and a result of credible research, we know that it is fairly impossible for human beings to occur as a result of chance. Therefore, we must have come together as a result of some external intervention.

Then, what are we doing? Surely, since we are created, we have to serve a particular purpose for living, right? Like the traffic light, any creations will serve a purpose, and like the traffic light, we are created to serve the One who created us - God, aka Jesus Christ in the NT. Likewise, if not, we will just exist like the traffic light existing in a humanless world, extremely meaningless. But because we are created, therefore there is a Creator. And because there is a Creator, we have a purpose, which added up in serving this single Creator. Then because we are created with a purpose, the meaning of our life is there.


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