Last year

It is hard to imagine that one year has already passed by since I have entered NUS, and it's going to my one year anniversary as a Christian soon, in a month or two. Looking back, as I have said in some of my previous posts, life as a Christian has really changed quite dramatically for the past months or so. Just recently, I have received notice that I am now a HOPE church member officially. Quite a pleasant surprise, though I have already know that my membership application is going to be approved soon, but I didn't expect it to be this fast, at this time.

Also, I received a msg from Ed yesterday, regarding a change in my role in the cg. Certainly now more responsibility, but something I know must come sooner or later, or else my growth will be limited to say the least. There was also the sms from QP asking me to play guitar for praise on Thursday. Though it's only for praise, but that's a start. A lot of changes, a lot of alterations, still the same old brand new me.

The next few days and the past few days are the birthdays of some of my friends. I was thinking about it and I realised that it seems that I have now shifted my birthday organising specialty to HOPE, where I continued to organise a lot of birthdays. Last year I organised a lot of stupid and interesting birthdays for my friends, and I realised that they had not received any birthday celebrations from me this year. Perhaps there had been a change in my heart condition. Maybe it's time to get involved again.....


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