Pictures from lantern festival

As I post the photos from last week's lantern festival outing, let me show you all my dearest CG. Behind from left are Edwin, Ziwei, Yuan Tao, my shepherd Benaiah, and ME!!!!! In front, we have Shuyi, QP, Lishan (who has moved on to the Biz Net group) and Christine. Not in the picture are Jessie and Yi Shyan. Yes, so this is my beloved CG. How about it? And next up, (I dun want to position the pictures in a standard way. Anyway, here's NUSA1.

Look at them, as quacky as they can be. Starting from the left, we see Guannie, beside her is Jiadai, followed by Ruisi and Venetia. The three MACHO guys behind them are Ellson, Guoxiong, and Eric. And we have Wenjuan lying in front of all of them!!!! (clap clap clap)
And here we have NUSA2, and I dun know why Ellson is in the picture. Wearing green is Zhengzhong xiaodi, beside him is Zichun (I dun know whether I have spelt the name right or not) and behind them, starting from the left are ........ Weiling, Jan (covered up), Xinying, and Phaedre. (clap clap clap). Anyway, there are other photos but let's show the rest:

This one is a photo of the Unit A brothers, not including everyone, but that's the best I can get.
This is a photo of the Unit A sisters, not everyone but that's also the best I can get. In any case, I wanted to post up another photo but I dun know why the stupid blogger dun wanna let me link it up. Anyway, the rest of the photos are available at


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