Reflection of a sheep and a follow-upper

Life now as a Christian is certainly way different from what it used to be when I was a new believer. Things have changed and responsibilities have changed.

It all started when Ceyang received Christ last Saturday, then it so happened that I am now follow upping on two young believers, together with other brothers and sisters. I was thinking, how can I as an older believer can help them in their growth, and how am I going to relate with them in terms of their concerns. To say the least, my experience was far more different in a more generic sense than Ceyang and Yuan Tao. For one, I know what I was up for when I received Christ. I began to share enthusiastically to some friends after my conversion and I was eager to attend service and caregroup. There was little responsibility though I wanted to serve more within the church and cg setting. In short, I was quite surprised when I received Christ, but I know a fair bit of Christian life to get myself going in this exciting walk.

Maybe it has been my imagination but I know the journeys for Ceyang and Yuan Tao will be much more different from where I came from. Yuan Tao is adjusting well in the family, and Ceyang is beginning this exciting walk, both are showing encouraging signs. It is true that God dun intend us to walk in a unified way, but for people, there bound to be more similarities and some will have more differences. But the coming of this two guys completely changed my Christian life, in a more exciting way than before. Compared to the past, now I know it's my responsibility to be more accountable to God in my own walk with Him, and to set an example and be a good testimony to the younger believers who came in through Alpha and the recent weeks. I know I can no longer run around and be my own Christian (I didn't really do that in the past). I know that I now not only have to concern about myself, but have to constantly be concerned about the growth and development of these two brothers as well. I know now that it's not just arranging and making time to meet my shepherd, it's now also arranging time and making time to meet these two brothers with other brothers and sisters for follow ups. Now is responsibility for others, last time was different.

Certainly, a lot have changed since the past few months, especially this semester. Since I made the declaration that there will be new brothers by Christmas, God has given us one new brother in Ceyang. There will be more. That day during Sub-d meeting, I was reflecting and I realised that the work dun stop when the P/L converted, but the work has to carry on. I know I was thinking about taking a break, but then the Holy Spirit seems to be telling me to go on and even presented a lot of opportunities for me. There is no break, until the second coming of Jesus.


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