Unless you come as a child - part II

I decided that it wouldn't be fair for my viewers if I just post the article from Crosswalk and just leave it at that. It wouldn't be fair to me, wouldn't be fair to you and wouldn't be fair to You too.

To a certain extent, the story of Hans is pretty touching, and pretty sad. Upon reflection, I think the lesson behind the story dun necessarily apply to non-believers alone, but it instead applies most to believers like me and you. That's how we normally start. When we first started the relationship with God, we were willing to believe, and we were willing to further the relationship. We want to hold on to that hope. We were excited over God, we were excited over His blessings. This is the initial stage.

But as life moves on, we realise that it isn't that straightforward. We realise that life isn't a bed of roses. And we began to cast God aside and as He began to be pushed to the peripheral by us, our heart became hardened by the reality of life around us, as we began to go through more and more things. Things that we dun understand began to happen. And sometimes, if we dun take note, we leave God, no longer believing in Him, as what happened to Hans.

Lastly, as we moved further away from God, God dun want to remain far away. Somehow or rather, He will find ways to impress upon our heart, He will find means to bring back the child-like faith we used to have, He will have His own methods to bring back the heart that used to delight in Him, and His hope.

Well, are we all in the cycle? I think Hans' story tells a lot.


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