Water Bap

Today I witnessed the water baptism of Yuan Tao, aka Mr. John now. It was a powerful sight for me. The mere confirmation of joy on a young believer merely reinforces my will to bring more people to come to know Christ, though I know the priority now is to help in growing John (Yuan Tao) and Ceyang. Seeing Yuan Tao going into the water simply tells me that he is willing to commit his life now for God. It was a joy, and an excitement, though a lot of people were unable to be there to witness it.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins
- 1 Peter 4:8

When I reached home at around 7.50pm, I saw an unusual booklet on the glass table in the living room. It's a booklet entitled 'This was your life'. I felt strange and I picked it up to take a look at it. I got a pleasant surprise to see bible verses all over that booklet, telling the reader about salvation in Jesus. It started with the story of a decadent man who lived without God and showed the process of judgment after his death, and then showed the life that he could have gotten if he had repented and received Christ's forgiveness in his life. For a moment, I was shocked. Is God starting His move to bring salvation to the family? I dun know, but that's certainly a good start. I decided to leave it on the table, in hope that someone else would pick up and read it, though I dun know who brought the booklet back home. Thinking of getting an extra Chinese bible, to put at home also. Honestly after all these days, I dun think I want to care how people view me, but I just feel that time to bring across the message to people, man.


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