What defines a NUS Hope Christian

Some questions this Robert is asking. Then again, let's try to answer it

A NUS HOPE Christian

Number 1, identity wise, as NUS Hope Christians, we are Christians who just happened to be studying in NUS.

Number 2, mission wise, as a result of number 1, we have a mission by God - to fulfill the Great Commission in NUS, to try to spread the gospel to as much people as we can reach out to.

Number 3, what we sought to achieve, as a result of number 1 and 2, we strive to not only expand God's Kingdom by fulfilling the Great Commission, but also committed to being salt and light within our NUS social circle, being able to impact whoever we meet in NUS.

Number 4, as a result of number 1 also, studying in NUS means that we are also Christians getting prepared to face the working world thru studying some forms of specialised knowledge, and also in the same time, get connected with the global world and always getting ready to face the next stage in life.

Yeah yeah yeah. Sounds like it comes straight right out from the TYS? It sure sounds like that, after I have thought through what makes a NUS Hope Christian. The paradox, I can hear people saying, 'let's not give TYS answers' but yet, I can really give answers like you have to be a fanatical religious pharisical legalistic lunatic in order to qualify as a NUS Hope Christian (bear in mind this is only for example sake, not my real opinion, and not anyone's real opinion. I'm going to make anyone who confront me with regard to the preceding statement to read this part once more until they get it) and yet I can almost hear people saying 'hey, that's not correct' or 'hey what makes you think so?' and I will answer ,'hey, just wanna give a non-politically correct answer'. Actually I have a qualm with people always saying 'let's not give TYS answers'. True enough, sometimes we should not give TYS answers and just say what we really think and feel. But hey, if your answer sounds like a TYS answer, and it's really what you think and feel, then it's really what you think and feel. Who cares about TYS answers. If it's TYS, then TYS it shall be.

And so, my answer sounds like a TYS answer, it sure does. But it's after careful reflections and thoughts that led me to this conclusion. I dun mean it to be politically correct (in Hope NUS, I have yet seen the 'politcally correct' person)but if it sounds politically correct, then you go make out why.

But then, my thought here, the reason why TYS answers occur is because the question itself is TYS. How about it?

And to add to YA's comment.

What does it mean to me personally? Personally, it's about the same. Personally however, there is something which I think should even more define a NUS Hope Christian. We simply have to be more pro-active in what we do, and since we are in NUS, we ought to be more hopeful in our school work than the rest, not because we come from Hope Church, but because we have hope in Christ. Personally speaking, I dun know about it but somehow, I feel sad when people say they hate what they are doing, or the reason why they are doing the thing they are doing is because they like a certain portion of it. The latter was a valid one, but the former is... I think we ought to be more interested and more passionate about what we are studying, so that other people will be impacted from our enthusiasm. Dun even talk about salt and light if we are to act irresponsibly in our study...


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