What defines a NUS Hope Christian - the debates continue

I saw just now the lively debate and discussion that has been going in the NUS Hope community forum in the IVLE. Just thought that while I post my response up in the IVLE, I might also as well post it up here. Here goes:

I really feel sad when I see people 'suffering' or so-called 'not enjoying' their studies. I personally dun have anything against these group of people, but I just feel sad. I was always thinking, how am I going to distinguish myself, my identity as a NUS Hope Christian from the other people, non-believer especially. I have been called 'nuts' multiple times by people in and around the church and outside of the church (they dun literally mean nuts of course but you can see their disbelief) when I commented that the IVLE forums and the classrooms have became my playground and by that, I hope you all realise that I actually mean that I enjoy my modules a lot and I have a hell lota fun out of the discussions. For me, my task is clear, I am enjoying my modules and I want people to know it, to realise that they can enjoy their modules also, and their studies as well.

I understand that I'm speaking from a position where I'm doing the things I like in NUS, mainly studying history and techno management and literally, all of my UEs and breadths will be used to take my techno management modules which I dun intend to S/U and after a bit of calculation, I figured that I have exactly 3 UEs left for me to take any modules and S/U them. As such, I'm in a position to 'enjoy' my modules. I often wondered how am I going to identify with those who may not have enjoyed these privileges. My end conclusion is that I dun have to identify with them. In the end, I want to bring light to them, to show them that there is no need to lament so much about their studies. This is one lesson which I learnt from outreaching to people. I may not be good at it, but I can learn to enjoy the process. I may not like the modules but I can learn to enjoy the modules.

Take for example, my management module's a bit boring now but I learnt to enjoy the module through my group project as I bonded together with my project groupmates and we have fun together. Likewise, sometimes I do feel that I have difficulties understanding technological innovation but my fun-to-be-with group mates helped me to learn to enjoy the module. The bottomline: I'm not out to tell everyone who dun enjoy what they are studying off, nor am I here to degrade these people, but I want to show and demonstrate that we can learn to enjoy these modules and do the best we can. As Hope Christians who happen to be studying in NUS, we ought to demonstrate these traits, rather than lamenting with our coursemates or friends, complaining that school sucks. We need to bear in mind that we will be studying here for 3-4 years, so if we dun learn to enjoy our studies and set an example of salt and light to our fellow course mate, then tell me, what makes us NUS Hope Christian?

The real bottom bottom line therefore is about us bring hope to our fellow NUS students not only in life but also in their studies. My experience and what I have seen around have taught me that while there is no strong co-relationship between scoring well and module satisfaction, able to achieve satisfaction from our module and studies does help a lot. It's not about scoring well, it's not about being a good student, it's more about being in a position to motivate our fellow NUS students, to act as the source of light and hope for them. And therefore, in order to achieve, we can't possibly join them in their lamenting or whatsoever. It's also not about putting on a fake front. I can also put on a fake front if I want, but what I'm talking about is real joy that derives itself from the joy of salvation.


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