Working of God

21/10/2006, Saturday

I was flabbergasted by God. God did a lot of great works and I was simply dumbfounded. Firstly, let me show you all this pic (by courtesy of Shuyi):

22/10/2006, Sunday

It was project meeting in the morning and the first time I ever drove for a long time. It was a scary experience in the beginning but eventually, it became quite fun for me to drive. Parking was quite smooth for me this time round and it will improve a lot. Still have a lot to do for my MNO video and a TR transcript to upload. It was going to be a tiring day and I knew it.

There was MACHO picnic at Botanical Garden in the afternoon. For a moment I was lost by the twists and turns of the garden routes. Then we had a great time of brothers fellowshipping together with an odd guest.

Do we see a lady? Or is that a brother in long hair on the left? She's Jasmine Poon, our tertiary pastor and the newly appointed Uni District leader.

Basically it was a good time of MACHO, with great games and great sharings and discussions, about BGR. Whoo... the kind of topics brothers can discuss over in a session of MACHO with a sister around. The first time, and I dun know if it's gonna be the last. Anyway, the finale pic for this section:

A pic of almost all the brothers in NUS, but not all though.


The morning had a pleasant surprise for me. My mother told me that my sec 2 student managed a top in his class for E math. Basically a great improvement from his near pass status in mid year. Seems like I will be quite busy next year onward when he rose to sec 3 and take A math.

The morning tuition, my O'level student also decided to learn P&C, cos he was complaining to me that 6 marks were lost due to the fact that his school refused to teach the students P&C. Quite encouraged by his rapid progress also.

Afternoon, I met up with RF for a good time of learning of USGI culture. It was an interview and was quite touched that Ben actually made the effort to come down and accompany me in the interview and he bought me some cocoa drink. Also learnt much about innovative culture and business. Still thinking how I can put them to good use, especially when I'm a history student. If let's say I have to go to NOC, then would I be able to contribute as much as other engineers would?

Evening service was the highlight. Jasmine Poon preached about Rebirth. The message was important, not only to me, not only to my CG, not only to NUS, not only to the whole tertiary service, but it was crucial to 3 particular souls sitting in the auditorium yesterday. One of them was sitting between me and QP. His name was Ceyang, a NEW BROTHER IN CHRIST!!!!!

I was already quite surprised when Ceyang agreed to come down for service. Literally a pleasant surprise for me. I knew, when I was listening to the message, that this service was going to administer to him, though I dun know when will be the right time for God to touch his heart and that he receive Christ into his life. During the altar call, I thought he was still considering after QP encouraged him to make the decision. Then... when Jasmine called for those who wanna receive Christ to come down... I was knocked off the top by God, and now I'm still recovering from the shock. It may take me a month or so to recover, but it came as one of the most wonderful shocks I have had ever in my life. My mind was blank when I walked down the aisle to the stage with him and QP. The whole NUS was cheering for him. I did not know what to say, and I cried, though there was no tear. He finally made the step.

God is good, all the time.
And all the time, God is good. Hallelujah.

I wanted to show this picture, because this is by far the most complete picture of NUSA3, my mini family in NUS. In the front, starting from the left are Shuyi, Yi Shyan, Christine, Jessie and Ziwei. At the back, from the left are Benaiah our Unit leader and my shepherd, me, Qiaoping our careleader, Ceyang our new brother, Edwin and last but not least, Yuan Tao one of the most encouraging brothers we have in the cg. I couldn't resist showing this picture, and I think this picture will forever remain in my memory. But it is not complete. The cg is not complete yet. There are spaces in the cg, ready to be filled up. God is calling us to reach out to his lost children. Now, we are one step towards NUS100. But the task dun stop there. We have 4 brothers now in our cg, but there will be more. I have fulfilled the pledge of having new brothers by Christmas, after last week when we had a new sister Zichun, joining our rank. New brother or no new brother, new sister or no new sister, the task is not done yet. The walk has to carry on, either taking care of the spiritual growth of this new brother, or bringing salvation to other friends.

The walk carries on.

That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
- Romans 10:9


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