Happy Day, happy feet


Watched Happy feet with Benaiah on Thursday. I must say that it's nice show about how someone who appears so different is to be the one who eventually saves. Basically, to cut the whole story short, it's about this penguin called Mumbai Happy Feet who was born without the ability to sing, contrary to his own kind, but with the ability to dance extremely well, and he went on to interact with human beings through his dance and eventually stopped a fish crisis and get the world to stop fishing in the north/south pole. Vaguely speaking, the storyline informs us that God sometimes creates us so uniquely, that it doesn't matter that we are different from others, cos He made us with a purpose. It also shows the power of change in a community, how changing mindset and practices can powerfully bring about a form of different result. The storyline, especially the penguin community which Mumbai comes from, also vaguely reminds me of a conservative Christian society, just look at the terminology. Also, finally made the decision to fly off to Bangkok next year to attend the God@urbiz seminar, after consulting Benaiah. Only regretted that I have not consulted with him earlier.


Another exciting day. The end of exams resulted in different sort of moods among the brothers and sisters - a mood of relief? Also, it was the day of celebration too, to celebrate Shirley's and Claramae's birthday.

Man, this is one day to remember. I can still remember last year this time, I entered the Nexus auditorium as a visitor. This year this time, I entered as a serving usher. I was sitting there as a visitor last year, now I was sitting there as a believer, all thanks to God, who sent the birthday girl, Claramae, to bring to me the reality of God. Last year, I attended the celebration as a friend, this year, I helped to rewrite a song for the celebration. Things have changed so much. The group that I have joined a year ago, has now evolved into a group with a totally new face but with the same kind of conviction for God.

Also, I didn't realise that my cg actually came out with a surprise for me. I know everyone was aware that I received Christ together last year at this time. Haha... when they asked to gather for a cg meeting, I thought we are singing happy birthday to Claramae again... (now you know how dumb I am) and then I realised that it was for me.

But then, I still wanna thank God for all He has done in my life for the past one year. It was a great walk. With a lot of brothers and sisters to remember. With a lot of memories. With that one and only Jesus Christ. It's quite amazing cos last year this time the greatest miracle happened to me and this year this time, they were preaching about miracles.... Perhaps it touched my heart more than anyone else in a very personal way, in a way I cannot express with words.

So all in all, it's a happy day to remember. I pray for another good year ahead for the whole NUS.


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