I can't believe

sometimes i just wondered why people want to put religion in between of relationships. like someone go ahead lah! talk about religion for what f*** sia~ say what, "God has prepared one for me", "it's a sin", blah blah blah. Let me tell you the real sin: to like someone but not going for her because of your religion or whatever reasons. to love someone but your religion says it's a sin coz she is a non-believer. that's the real sin. and you know what, you already said God has prepared one. how you know the one is a believer? you mean God only favours the believers lah? Pui~ All are equal, at least that's what i believe, when God created mankind. and you know what? because of that, your destiny can be anyone, anywhere.

I can't believe that I said that this is good thinking on 08/10/2005... Religion in between relationships? Why not put it this way, it's about relationships in between relationship. The real sin, is not liking someone and not going for her because of religions. The real sin is knowing that Someone died for your sins and you refusing to acknowledge that fact. God dun favour the believers cos all are His children. And if you are so sure that God created mankind, then you know what, your destiny is His to decide, cos the Creator is the only One who knows your purpose and make up, therefore knowing who is the girl in your life who can complement your life. The only way to know however, is not to go about banging the wall (or the girl) but to get to know this Creator, know what He wants for you, and once you know Him well enough, You will know who's the girl He has meant for you. So I say, pui to this guy who said this quote... I'm just joking, since I used to be the one who said this too =P

I still can't believe that I actually said that this is good thinking....

Somehow or rather, the idea of religion(s) has been appearing in my mind since school starts. Maybe because I have a group of friends who are ever so eager to share their religion with their other friends. But by so, it has appeared to me that every single religion in this world appear so unique and distinct from the other. Each has their own points and would be eager to prove that their religion is the one. So how? There is theories that all these religions actually worship the same God but it's just the way of worship that is different. But if so, then how come things appear ever so differently for each single religion.

Take for example, an experience from my Taoist-Buddhist family (our worship is a hybrid between Buddhism and Taoism athough we are officially buddhists). My family just recently relocated my grandfather's remains back to China. When the remains were relocated, my mother made a dream on my grandfather being happy that his remain is being relocated (his original grave was damaged before this). More extraordinary is that when they took pictures of my uncle placing the remains in the new site, the first one shows a white shadow which is not supposed to be there. And my mother, in turn, told me this incident whereby there is a '问米婆' (medium) in China who specialises in 'inviting spirits up from the 'other side' to speak with their family members. My aunt brought my grandmother there a few years back. Can confirm this person was not a cheat, due to the fact that my aunt wrote wrongly my grandfather's name and the person was only able to 'invite him up' because there is a 'spirit' whose name was quite similar to the wrong name given. Indeed, according from what I know, that moment, the 'spirit' spoke of a lot of things which the medium would definitely not know, including me and my brother (whoaz). In fact, there is mentions that my grandfather's 'spirit' visit me and my brother every night. Evidence? He said so thru the medium and my fourth aunt actually saw him in the middle of the night in my room. (spooky)

Take this in context with what I know from the other religions, say Christianity (no choice). In Christianity, if my memories didn't fail me, Man dies and rejoin God in Heaven or got banished to hell for the sins they have committed. If this lies true, then what explains my family's experience. Therefore, upon reflecting on the experience of different religions and also in the same time a by-result of watching too much Matrix, I have came out with my own theory of religions. For all readers, please note that this is entirely all my view and I'm not out to discredit any religion.

My theory is that religions are created by the Creator as a controlled experiment as he wanna observe the behaviour of people through a different set of teachings and worship. To make it simple, I will start from the beginning:

1) There is this Creator, let's call him Mr. X

2) He created Earth and all the living things

3) He's bored and decided to make monkeys evolve into human beings

4) He decided to kill boredom once and for all by experimenting on human beings through the means of religion

5) As a result, he created Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Judism, Islam, Hinduism etc.

6) By this, he wanted to see how his creations interacts with each other. Of course, as a control, he created a group of people called the 'free thinkers'

7) Every set of religious teachings and worship will have its own set of heaven and hell in individual dimensions which operates on different rules and managed by different operators (duh, they are in different dimension, for goodness).

8) He purposely left these teachings vague and ambiguous so that it's not too clear for everyone but appeared clear enough for people to think that they understand.

9) Wahla, you have what we have today. All the jihads and whatever inter-religious conflicts are just a by-product of someone who is bored.

Because this is so, there is no reason not to believe that our Creator is some aliens from outer space and there is also a reason why each 'God' claims to be perfect: which one who presides over a religion will say that he's not perfect?

My proof? I have no need to prove this theory to anyone. I can't, anyway, other than the reasons I have mentioned why I have came out with this theory. But because of this theory, if I accept the existence of a 'God' from one religion, I would have to accept the existence of the others, which I do. That's why I always remain so open minded about religion matters. Hmmm.... I sound like I'm using this new theory to justify my convictions that have formed years back. In any case, I will reiterate that no one has the right to claim that the other religions will not do them good and theirs do.

With that, I think I shall end. I will not carry on this debate unless there is an extreme need or someone finds it too awfully offending, then in which case I think you are just being far too fanatic. Anyway, I hope that I have not offended anyone and that this post serves as something entertaining instead.....

This one is written on 07/10/2006... I can't believe that I have conjured out such strange theory... Where on earth did I get this stupid idea... Now to contradict myself (how many people get to do that and still laugh about it) There is God, not many, not a god. He created us, not make us evolved. He didn't create religion, we created them. All God wants is a relationship with us, through Jesus Christ. That's all. I contradicted my own theory... hurray.

Well, that's all for today. I will search out for other strange stuff that I have said and refresh and contradict them another day.


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