Nativity Story - one Man who changed the world

I watched Nativity Story with Edwin, Ceyang, Jessie, Shuyi and Yanwei yesterday. It was a good movie about the birth of Christ, right from the beginning with his conception in Mary's womb. The movie basically combined the beginning of Matthew and Luke and tried to fill in the gaps in between with 'made-up scenes' but these scenes are generally considered biblically possible. The movie revealed the on-route journey of Joseph and Mary towards the manger, and in between scenes actually showed comical scenes of the three wise men setting out to search for the Messiah. I shall not elaborate the movie too much, but if you want to read about the original story, go to this site:

However, what I want to talk about is the 'quiet climax' of the whole movie - the birth of Christ. Certainly the scene where it touches me a lot personally and somehow I felt touched by that entire scene, with the birth, to the gathering of the shepherds, to the arrival of the wise men. The gathering of both wise men and shepherds, to welcome the coming of the New King, the words of Mary to the shepherds that He is for everyone and the gift of God to everyone of us literally sums up who Jesus is to all of us. Of course, with this point, I have to concede that this climax is easily missed if one has not much knowledge of the gospels, that's why it's a quiet climax.

On the whole, the movie deserves something like a 4 stars out of a 5. That's what I think.

I also managed to attend a sharing by Pastor David Chen from Hope Bangkok. Man, he's still as funny as the last time I heard him preach. But this time, it was a completely different sort of sharing, it was a sharing based on his own experience. What he shared really impressed upon my heart:

1. Even if I'm the only one person left who know Christ, the Great Commission is still for me.

2. It doesn't matter whether we lack the skills or the knowledge, as long as we are willing to move, and have the attitude to want to move and really move, God will provide the rest. Cos we are only the tool, in the end it's God who is really doing all the work.

3. It's 100% input on our part and 100% input from God.

4. When we have a vision, we can make a difference.

5. Our labour for the Lord will never be in vain.

He also shared a lot of funny yet meaningful stories of his past to illustrate all these points. Of course, if I write them down here, they wouldn't sound funny, and also I forgot the stories already. But it really impressed me that one man can really change the world.

So, it will be an exciting 2 weeks ahead, with all these Christmas programmes. I have faith that fruits will come in. Not 1, not 2 but a lot, we just need the workers, cos the harvest is plenty but the workers are few.


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