New Year Resolutions

Now for New Year resolutions, here they are:

1) To become a better person, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually
2) To obtain an average cap of 4.2 - 4.5
3) To expand YP Bukit Panjang Branch and be more involved in YP
4) To expand the YRC, or at least let it grow
5) To make more new friends
6) To be able to help my friends in times they need my help
7) To lose weight
8) To complete half marathon

All in all, one sentence to sum up all: I want 2006 to be a more happening year than 2005. Oh, let me list down the things which I dun want myself to be caught doing in 2006:

1) Drinking myself dead drunk and committing a two-piece mistake
2) Slacking and ending up knowing nothing about lecture
3) Got obsessively involved in BGR, though if it comes, I can't help
4) Spend 300 points for a module which cost 1 point for others.

I made some reslolutions in the beginning of the year. Now, let's see how much I have achieved. For number 1, I have certainly become a better person for sure, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, though a bit lacking in the physical department. I have certainly achieved number 2 with a CAP of 4.23. Number 3 and 4 can continue to be my resolution. I have certainly achieved 5,6 and 8. Number 7 can continue to be my resolution for next year also. For stuffs that I dun want myself to be caught doing, all these I managed to achieve. So in all, it was a good year in terms of resolution achievement.

Now as we approached the new year, it's time to review the year that is to pass:

Passed my first birthday as a Christian and saw Kaili and Hongdao receive Christ. Got to know Eric also. Sang my last KTV for the semester.

Nothing happening in particular. Yes there are, but not for this blog.

A month filled with birthdays. For the first time, I hosted RF's birthday. Zhenzhu came to know Christ around this time. Praise the Lord.

It was Easter and Good Friday. Yi Shyan came to know God in the service preceding the Easter one. That's also when Ziwei came to join us from the NUS (T) group. There was of course the much dreaded exam at the end of the month. And we successfully overcame the exam.

It was post exam. Everyone was busy with Alpha and the calling. The beginning of the month was also when the graduating brothers and sisters moved on to the adult groups. There was also the district camp when Shuyi, Ashleigh and Lishan joined the cg. That was when we managed to see the cg grow in strength.

The beginning of the campus tour and it was welcome tea in the middle of the week, and the first time I meet Yuan Tao. Had a hard time doing the decorations for the welcome tea but was quite glad everything went on smoothly. Also the first time I met Yizhong. Then it was also the beginning of the Alpha. That month, the NYC side saw the first fruit after the 1st session. It was also the month I started serving as an usher.

1 July saw the conversion of Yuan Tao, the first fruit of the matric for NUS in Alpha. That also meant that this brother becomes the first person I follow up with. Was quite excited with the prospect of taking care of a brother in the cg also. There was also the highlight of the Alpha, which was the Alpha Camp, which took place at Fairy Point. That camp saw John. Jiahao, and Yanteng receive Christ in the camp, all within the second night of the camp. It was quite a treat and encouragement for the brothers and sisters.

School reopened in the middle of the month and there was matriculation also for the freshmen. More fruits began to come in throughout this month. We saw Zhiwei, and Nicole and Aiwei receiving Christ (but I forgot whether it was this month or not). There was also my first MAD, and that was a good day of fun and fellowship with the brothers and sisters in the whole district. Also another month of birthday madness with almost every week got someone celebrating birthdays. This is also the month I attended my first national day rally and Benaiah officially became my shepherd. Oh, also ran my first 10km in the AHM.

It was a relatively quiet month. Nothing much impressive really happened, other than a lot of guitars and a lot of assignments to rush.

This was the month when we seem to see fruits almost every week. Wenjuan, Zhichun, Ceyang, and many more came to know Christ. It was a month of growth... and a month of deadlines which was to be dragged on to the next month. Ceyang also became the second person I follow up on with Edwin and Ellson.

It was the exam month. Everyone was frantically rushing for assignments and projects and preparing for exams. Some were preparing for the Standard Charter marathon also. Anyway, stayed in school for the whole of the exam period and somehow gained the reputation of security guard killer, as opposed to auntie killer.

It was my first 21km... and the end of the exam in the first week. Had my first KTV for a long time since Jan. Also started to become busy with Christmas. This month the cg saw Yizhong coming back to Christ during the Christmas service. Yizhong also becomes the third brother I was assigned to follow up with, and with that assignment I was taken away from the follow up with Ceyang in order to be able to concentrate with Yuan Tao and Yi Zhong. We also had our makan bus, which me and my Y partner hosted our bus, and caroling, which was the fun of my life. It's also the month, I decided that a bible is the only gift worth buying in a gift exchange. And that'll be the only gift I'm buying for the YRC for the next 100 years or so.... haha.

So, that's a short review of what's happening in my life for the past one year. And what's my New Year resolution going to be?

1) Grow to become a full-fletch shepherd. That's modelling after Benaiah and other brothers
2) Grow as a leader in the NUS ministry. The NUS ministry is in need of male leaders especially and I especially want to grow to meet the need.
3) Grow to become a full-fletch guitarist in the cg. The cg needs guitarists. If not me, then who?
4) Join another ministry if possible. Thinking that it may be time for me to serve more actively in the church.
5) Pull my CAP up to 4.3 to 4.4. An uphill task but I trust in God's providence.
6) Train up for the full marathon and become more fit and able to run for that.
7) To bring more friends to come to know Christ (utmost importance)

That's all for now. Oh, there are things I dun want myself to be caught doing as well:

1) Drinking excessively....
2) Being unaccountable
3) Becoming a snob.

Hopefully by God's grace... I can achieve all these.

Now, till I write again, I shall catch some rest.


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