23 years of existence

The clock striked and I was 23.

Oh... I heard quite a few sms, and some from msn sending me their best wishes. Thank you all. Thank God for you all.

And at the strike, it's already 1 year 6 weeks since I received Christ.

The celebration at HQ was great, and some of the affirmations I received, I never know I am that kind of person the brothers and sisters thought of (in a good way of course). This unit celebration, although it was a unit celebration, I still feel glad to see people from the other unit around too. I felt blessed. A pity not all my cg members and my future cg members are there, but I'm glad Robert was there (he incidentally was the one who gave the longest affirmation... like a valediction). But as much as my brothers and sisters are encouraged by my life, I am also encouraged by how much my life has encouraged them. I am encouraged by God as well.

After the celebration at HQ, I had another celebration at cg level. Honestly speaking, I didn't know that they were going to have a unit celebration at HQ, I thought they just wanna wish me happy birthday at 4.30pm. But anyway, the cg went to Vil'age at Heeren for dinner. One thing about that place, I went there with A03 a few years back when it was still Marche, and when I came back there few years later, entering the place which is now known as Vil'age, I still see the same food, the same stalls at the same place, as I bought my soup and rosti at the same place. But back to the real topic. It was a time of good food, and good fellowship. Sad to say, it's the last time NUSA3 is gonna celebrate my birthday as a cg, and YT's too, as we also celebrated a belated one for him. But the new cg will be as exciting as this current one, if not more.

And I was so blessed by the brothers and sisters of the cg who took pain in organising these series of celebrations, and by their affirmations too.... and by their gift for me... they gave me a Vito MP4 player, although in reality it's a MP3 player which cannot play MP4... but I can't ask for more. When I told QP that I wanted a MP3 player, I threw in a few more choices and thought that the rest should not be so financially straining on the cg. Little did I expect that they really give me a MP3 player. And Ben also gave me a fiction book too. And both of us went to visit our dear sister Claramae as she was sick and we decided to pay her a visit (since she stayed quite near, I was quite okay as I could drive Ben back after that).

All in all, it has been a great day. And it will be a great year.

I wanted to post something more... but I will leave it till next time.


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