Tears in the back

Today I was helping out in the MPS when this lady came in to see the MP. She is a grad student who is currently working sales right now. What her problem was sent a chill down my spine... she was disturbed by evil spirits... for more than a year. And she's seeking help. She's a Christian from a church which apparently dun believe in spirit... (God knows why). And I believed she's telling the truth... cos I can sense the prickling presence of spirits in the room.

My MP suggested her to consult the temple near my place... and insisted that she should try out this venue of help...

I was praying... 'NO!!! Dun agree!!! You are falling for it!!!'

I dun known whether she agreed in the end or not...

But her case was quite sad...

Imagine you know a God, who created the world, who created us, who died on the cross and resurrected 3 days later... You have a personal relationship with Him... why are you seeking human help??? Dun you believe in Him???

I tried to interrupt and wanted to give her an alternative avenue to seek help... but before I could even begin on it, I was counter-interrupted...

Now the only thing I can do is to intercede for her.

May God bless her.



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