Year 2 Sem 2

Year 2 sem 2 is going to start soon as we exit from the festive season. So what am I taking this coming semester?

This coming semester I will be taking:

Cold War in Europe
Asian Business and networks
Intro to Economics analysis
Entrepreneurial marketing
New Product development

All these modules, I spent 1 point for each as usual, although I spent a total of 6 points altogether all thanks a little screw up on my part. I had wanted to take engendering history, but I decided that the combo of Hong Lysa and Sai Siew Min is proving a bit too much for me to take... so I decided to drop that pre-allocated module and take New Product development, which is non-examinable. Upon reflection, this may be a wise choice, given that so far my SJAP for my minor mod has been way higher than the current SJAP for my major modules, although I have only taken 3 minor modules so far. Imagine, I have 2 A- and 1 A for my minor, and I have 1 A+, 1 A, 3 A-, 1 B and 1 B- to show for my major, I would rather bet my chance on my minor at this stage.

So, school is reopening. It will be an exciting semester. I know Entrepreneurial marketing and new product development will be very project intensive. The only essay based module is Asian Business and networks, Cold War in Europe only got a mcq test, the rest is class discussion. Asian Business also has quite a small class... imagine 17 students, all history majors. It will be challenging, But I know, if I put God first for this coming semester, and not focus too much on my problems, God will always provide me a way out.



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