I was inspired by the car ride just now to write this post. Seems like it will take some conversations to remove the writing block in me.

There was this story (I dun know the exact details) that someone mentioned that dun talk to him about the suffering of Jesus on the cross when he has seen the Holocaust, that somehow, people seem to think that Jesus suffered more on the cross than the Jews during the Holocaust.

I dun want to say whether this person in the story is wrong or not, but apparently, I would say that it is not that accurate to say that the Jews have suffered more in the Holocaust. No doubt, the Holocaust is a monstrous atrocity in the history of Mankind, a tragedy that cannot be forgotten or wiped off the tears of the Jews who have suffered in the tyranny of Hitler. However, how about Jesus? What does He compare when it comes to the Holocaust?

Firstly, I would state that I believe that Jesus suffered no less than the rest of Israel, whether in the Holocaust, whether in any wars or whatsoever. He is not a distant onlooker, but He can understand the sufferings of the world. That He is able to identify with the sufferings. Why?

With regards to the Holocaust, let me make one thing straight... Jesus is a Jew... He is born as a Jew, and brought up as a Jew. There is no doubt about it. Christians often tend to forget Jesus' Jewish heritage. The genealogy stated in Matthew and Luke is clear, Jesus is the direct descendant of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Judah, Boaz, Jesse, David, Solomon... do I need to say anymore? And let's get one thing straight again... He suffered at the hands of His own people (they were Jews), who had conspired with other people (they were the Gentiles). Talk about betrayal...

Suffering and accused and betrayed by His own people, Jesus remained sinless, as we can see during His trial, when people cannot find any sins in Him (read the Gospels). As a sinless Man, He was flogged... and Romans flogging is no joke (read Case for Christ). As a sinless Man, He was crucified on the cross. Think it's nothing? Think again. In those days, dying on the cross is a cursed death (Deut 21:23), as it was equivalent to dying on the tree. Make no mistake, it was the most painful death that man will ever see at that time (I dun want to be crucified either). So you can be sure that He didn't simply die on the cross.

Also, another thing that we need to take note is that Jesus is God in human flesh. If human can suffer on the cross, what can we say when God suffered on the cross. To say that Jesus did not suffer like that of the Holocaust or any other genocide such as Rwanda and Bosnia, you have to tell me that Jesus is not God. But He indeed is, and I shall not elaborate on that. (read Case for Christ for more details) But He is indeed God, the very Creator recorded in Genesis who created man. Indeed, the people who crucified Him are all His beloved creations. Is it painful when you are betrayed by your beloved one? If imperfect people who shows imperfect love can feel such hurt, then how about the Perfect Person who shows perfect love? At that instant, He was abandoned by His own people, of those including His own disciples. Imagine how lonely was the Son when He cried out for the Father on the cross. But can you even imagine in the first place?

I would say Christ did suffered on the cross, for us. The suffering that He bear, is not up to us to judge and compare. To compare Christ's suffering to the suffering of other people, to me, is an insult to the amount of pain He had to take in. You dun forget, He needed to pay for the sins of the world. With His blood. Tell me He didn't suffer... as much as others. Tell me that is not ultimate suffering... And I will beg to differ. Physically, emotionally and mentally, He suffered a great deal, more than anyone has ever bear. Dun come telling me Jesus dying on the cross is nothing compared to other people around the world. I will say here that it is a frivolous comment, without considering the evidence.

The idea here is not to condemn anyone, just wanna point out my viewpoint with regards to Jesus' suffering and I want to do justice to Him, cos it will be unfair for even us, His followers to be oblivious of His sufferings.


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