Festival of Praise

The last weekend was the the weekend of FOP. This year we have Delirious? and Don Moen down to lead the praise and worship. And we have Phil Pringle to preach the Word of God to us. I attended the friday and the sunday session, cos it was too good.

Delirious? is simply fabulous, and it can be seen that they are really anointed by God to administer to His people through their music. It goes the same for Don Moen. The atmosphere was simply fantastic. I was truly administered by God's presence in the indoor stadium.

Phil Pringle is perhaps one of the better preachers that I have seen so far. His sharing of God's Word really challenged my own perspective of God's kingdom and caused me to rethink of my own walk with God. It has been truly a Spirit-led preaching from him. More will come as I proceed to digest my thoughts about his preaching and attempt to write them down in this blog.

Overall, I'm glad that Ben decided to join me on Friday... cos my entire cg did not turn up in the end, and I also thank God that Hanes and his friend, Kaiqin, came together with me for the sunday's session, together with Weiling and gang. Although I hope that the whole cg could be down to be administered by God, but I believe that I want to bring the atmosphere of worship back to my cg.

Writing till here, I will stop, as I attempt to make sense of Phil Pringle's sharing. I believe that God is showing me a vision, but I can't make up what is it about. Think I need to wait on Him for quite a while before I can get the complete picture.


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