The girl with cancer

There was this little girl. She was struck down with cervical cancer, at the terminal stage. But her parents were not there... they were not there... and no one was there. She was lying in the hospital, waiting to die, enduring the physical pain caused by the cancer cells, and the loneliness.

It was not known how long has she been lying there. But day in day out, there was only nurses going into her room. There seem no love around, and she was really lonely. She didn't understand why, but she yearns for love.

Then one day, a hand stretched out to her. There was this man who offered his hand for her to hold on to. She held his hand. For the first time, she felt warmth and comfort coming from that hand, she felt safe, and she felt protected. Most importantly, she felt loved. It was the moment that no words can describe and not even the pain she's experiencing can take away the warmth, the love, the comfort. She held on tight, and didn't want to let go.

Then not long after, the girl passed away peacefully...

The above story is actually a dream that I had a few days ago... and I dreamed that I was the girl. I never saw who that guy really is, and I didn't know who the girl really was, as I woke up after she died. The images vividly stucked into my mind, that I can't forget the loneliness that she felt and what differences the hand made for her....


  1. edwin9:43 PM

    quite an amazing dream.. i guess it must be a really nice feeling to hold the hand. God touches us in mysterious ways...


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