I can only imagine... for now

I'm sure some of you have known that this is one of my favourite songs around. I'm sure some of you have watched the one with the father carrying the son music video. But this original MercyMe MTV is even more glaring in the face, when I was watching it. I began to understand the song even much more, and now allow me to post some of the comments that came along with this video:

this is a great song!!!! It makes me think of when my precious son p^#ed away,I can imagine the joy he feels being with Him everday!!
- Rebecca1976

I love this song so much! I was at my dad's bedside when he went home to be with the LORD. He loved the LORD so much and led 100's of people to the LORD, including almost everyone in our family. The first thing that came to my mind when he died was the words to this song. I could only imagine my dad standing before his Precious Savior. The song was a source of true joy that brought great comfort just imaging my dad actually being in the precense of the LORD. Thank-you for that blessing at a time of sorrow. May God continue to bless you and give you the words He wants you to sing.
- mg4tag

This song gives me hope to see my daughter that was murdered in 2000 of July. Praise God for this song and Mercy Me for singing it. S
- Sue203


  1. I really appreciate your sight. Love the songs. We are singing Above All this Sunday at church. I'm the pastor/songleader.

    How glorious it will be in His presence. He is our life and joy, and our victory in Christ is our hope. God bless.

    You can view my blog at HowtohaveaGreatLife.blogspot.com.


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