Not everyone can be a great artist, but a great cook can come from anywhere

I thought this was a great line from a great movie, Ratatouille. Basically I see the movie not only as a movie about a rat trying to become a gourmet chef, but a movie that depicts an unusual relationship between two unlikely friends. Even so, I thought that tagline sums up everything about that movie. It can be easily transposed into anything else... like:

Not everyone can be a great leader, but a great leader can come from anywhere


Not everyone can be a church planter, but a church planter can jolly well be anyone of us

Sort of telling us that God's possibility for us is limitless, and we simply cannot limit ourselves to those circumstances and situations around us. I guess such possibilities in my life include playing guitar at a cg level. Robert was commenting just now that I used to find playing guitar a chore, and now I can lecture him on how a song can sound like in a normal cg PnW session.

I often wondered if anyone realises God's possibilities for anyone of us. The movie's main theme, I figured, is derived from the slogan 'Anyone can cook'. I thought, well, anyone can do anything. In Christ, we can do all things!! It has been mentioned in the Scriptures, in 2 Peter, Ephesians, Philippians, that our lives in Christ has given us the power to achieve all sorts of possibilities. We just need to harness that possibility, that potential that God has given us through His Holy Spirit.


Ratatouille is on the whole, a great movie... though I really thought that the best movies this year would belong to Freedom Writers and The Simpsons.


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