A stock check of my new semester

My new semester is on the way going, after a bit of struggling with the bidding for the first time in my life. So what are the modules that I'm taking this sem?

HY4207 - 1 point
BSP1005 - 529 points
MNO3303 - 984 points

Total - 1414 points

Well, a lot of points for my last semester. I wiped out my entire G account... as if I care....

This is also going to be the first sem where I see a 2 days week and the first sem when I'm going to end my exam before the end of the first week.

In terms of workload, I'm not so concerned about MNO3303 and BSP1005. I'm going to more or less S/U MNO3303, so the workload isn't much of a concern. BSP1005 sounds heavy but then, it's microeconomics. HY4207 is the one which may have an impact in my semester as it might be a heavy one for me in terms of forum participation and readings. My Honours Thesis is picking up pace but then by God's grace, I should be able to meet my deadline.

So a 2 days week with mon-wed free days ahead....


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