I completed my round of volunteering for APEC last Friday. For those who are unaware, I volunteered as an APEC ambassador to be stationed at the airport to receive the delegates who were coming for the summit. It was quite an interesting experience. I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends with the volunteers. It was fun as I was able to get access into areas which we normally won't unless we are in transit. I enjoyed the experience thoroughly and I think I will look out for more of such opportunities in the future.

While I was inside the airport, I was just looking at the people in transit and the people who arrived in the airport. I looked at the luggage and the passengers. It sort of reminded me of a vision by my church, that we want to make the Changi Airport our airport, that we will see church planters and missionaries going and coming back everyday every hour. I wonder if Jesus will come back before this happens, but that's not the point. The spiritual significance of the airport is that it is where we will send out our church planters to plant vibrant and biblical churches all over the world. This is one place where the Great Commission has to come alive in all believers. I mean, look at the people in transit. They come from all over the place and we can likewise go to places all over the world. This is where I believe, one day, I will step out and go.

However, till then, I will continue to pray and ask God to show the opportunities available. And also, MOH is calling me.

Akan Datang.


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