The worst moment in a church service

Quick: What’s the worst moment in a lot of church services? Too often it’s when God’s Word is read aloud.

I fully agree with that, although equally irritating is when the Word of God is being misused on stage, with verses taken out of context. After reading Uncle Yeo's blog post on this, I fully agree that many a times, people are simply not reading the Word of God with the same enthusiasm that they give to the preacher or the praise and worship. This happens especially also in our UniYA services. It is so obvious that NOT everyone reads out loud when the preacher invites us to read the passage and verses together. It makes me wonder sometimes why is it so... I mean dun we all from young learn how to read in unison together in class? Why can't we do the same in service, where we are able to read the Word of God, something which Abraham, Issac and Jacob didn't get to enjoy?

This is one point to consider.


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