It is about time

I have been serving in the grassroot for some years now. 12 years to be exact, including 5 years officially in the RC. Recently, I have been appointed as assistant secretary in the committee. I thought it was quite ok. Then came some incident which happened.

In short, I told my chairman that I won't be able to turn out for some house visits sessions, Then she commented that I needed to find replacement. Judging from previous experience, I told her that I might not get a replacement. She then retorted how could I say that without even having asked first! Honestly speaking, I already had some misgiving with the chairman in the beginning, questioning her ability as a leader and character as a person.

It's about time that I leave the RC! Firstly, I certainly have outlived my expectation. Currently, volunteering in the RC no longer has any value add into my life. Things are sorta mundane for me now in the RC. It doesn't help that I really have other things better to do with my life. Furthermore, there was a problem with the governance of the RC. I am a volunteer there, and it certainly means that there is something wrong when volunteers are told that it is compulsory to attend events. Lastly, I expected myself to be treated as a volunteer, so at the end of the day, kena those type of treatment from the chairman means that I am not treated like other volunteers. She wouldn't have reacted that way if it were another person telling her the same thing.

Therefore, it's the time to make the decision to resign, so that I have more time for ministry. I have reached the point in time when I need the time. RC is the least of my priority and it will have to go, and go it will be.


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