Reflecting on 4.5 years of discipleship II

 think I still owe my readers the blog post on faith. Writing soon, akan datang.

But today I want to reflect on my own discipleship from another angle. One perspective was through the cgs that I have been in so far. Another perspective is through the people whom I work and discipled behind the scene. Again, I would like to tell the story in pictures:

Everything must have a start and I think I will start off from that. But I shall not elaborate much except that there needs to be a beginning and I believe what you see above was the beginning.

And it has been like this until today. But my own one to one discipleship is just part of the story. There is another side on the other end:

Part of the story also involves me making disciples on my part. Different sheep have offered different challenges but nonetheless, different level of relationships and satisfaction as well. But even behind all these are the people whom we eventually grew quite close as a result of our total committment in the journey during our NUS days:

Support has always been important in a disciplemaker's journey. A disciple is a lonely figure, even more so for a disciplemaker. I think at one level, a CL's burden cannot be easily shared by his cg members. A leader's burden cannot be easily shared as well. But the level of support in this case was awesome. And I would think that the one crucial factor in sustainence through the way was because of the level of support given at that level. We were the same committed and indeed, everyone's heart was towards the building up of the individual groups that we were taking care of.

In one respect, one part of discipleship journey that was quite frequently missed is the part of our service to God in service operations. I have always maintained that being an usher aids in the development of a disciple. We have the opportunity to serve people, learn not to take our service for granted, learn to deal with difficult people, learn how to think and lead people etc. Extremely crucial but severely understated in the development of a disciple.

Of course along the way I had the chance to work for a few major projects in church, which included Matric 2008, YG conference 2010 etc. The one thing that I found these as integral part of a discipleship journey is that in serving, we get to realise a lot of things about ourselves and we get to bless different people along as well.

Finally, Hope is an international movement. It is our hope that we build strong and Christ-centered disciples to build vibrant and biblical churches all around the world. I dun think I want to forget that part in my own discipleship journey as well.


  1. what a fruitful 4.5 years you had! all praise and glory to God! =D


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