A issue of freedom and freedom

Lately I have been pondering on some funny thoughts. You see, the practice of Christianity or any religions in any sense comes with boundaries/guidelines/rules/principles or whatever you want to call it. These are supposed to guide us and direct us in our living. In actual fact, any major world religion will have moral guidelines which instruct us what to do or what not to do. In Christianity, we know that at the very basic, there are two things which we need to obey: love God, love people. Expanding this out and we get the ten commandments. As a follower of Christ and as someone who desires to honor God, the wish to keep within these boundaries is of course a strong one.

Now, I am just pondering what if I decide to disregard these rules/boundaries and decide to transgress wilfully. We know that as Christians, we still continue to sin anyway and sin is anything that falls short of the standard of God. Eventually, whether consciously or subconsciously, we will transgress the boundaries set by the bible in our daily living. My thought is what if I, as someone who consciously tries to live our life out as a devoted Christian, decide that I will disregard all these and live as if I am non-Christian. This will first of course mean that I fall out with God and forfeit my own inheritance. Worse come to worst, it means I renounce my own faith in order to do what I want to do, or what other calls their own freedom to do things.

What this entails? It may mean that I can go out and live my life as if God does not exist, transgressing every boundaries in a relationship, go out with whatever girls I want, do whatever things I want to do, make whatever decisions I want to make, without being bounded by the principles of God which I am supposed to be guided by right now.

I am sure a lot of us have such a thought and from observing some Christians, some of us are already doing so while maintaining that we are 100% Christians and we love God... The decision begs the question: is this the freedom we want? Having the freedom to make whatever decisions we want to make, is that really freedom? Are we really free? Extrapolating the logic even further, I have seen believers in our midst nowadays making decisions and spiritualising these decisions. One classic and one which will forever be shrouded in controversy is the issue of BGR. I have spoken enough about this, but this is classic when people get into a relationship, violating all sorts of principles and can use all sorts of reasons to justify, literally behaving no different from a non-believer. No, I am not condemning people going into relationship but I am concerned about such attitudes. Making this sort of decisions, isn't this similar to the kind of funny thoughts I have pondered about earlier?

Is that really freedom?


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