A possible peril

Honestly speaking, I sometimes ask myself why I decided to go through all these things. You see, a peril of being in a leadership position is that you get shit sometimes. The peril of being in a leadership position in church is that there is emotional backlash, depending what your people go through.

Reflecting over the past few days, I was just thinking that when people in my cg or people whom I am leading and overseeing are experiencing some downtimes, or having some sort of a struggle which may be due to whatever reason, I often suffer as much, if not more, emotionally than I would like to. I don't enjoy it and sometimes, I would rather pay someone else to go through it for me.

This is the peril but also I think, the most rewarding of being in a leadership position, that we have the privilege to go through with the people the struggles they are facing and doing whatever things within our means to help them and guide them. This is not just exclusive to leaders, but they often face more of these than other people.


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