The relevance of Christian Theology in our Christian life

According to Alister MacGrath, in his book 'Christian Theology', Christian theology is supposed to be exciting and interesting to the Christians. I, at least, find this true. It should be true. Christian theology, in its very essence, is relevant to the Christian life, as it looks deeply into the doctrines of Christianity and attempts to answer the questions of Christianity, such as who is God. The answers to these questions form the basis of our understanding on who God is. I would think that theology is more than just an academic exercise. But it is understandable why people tend to shy away from theology. 

For one, theology tends to go into the abstract and 'chim' philosophies to understand Christian doctrines and issues. Try understanding the doctrine of eschatology or Christology in the light of maybe Augustine or Calvin. Try reading Aquinas and Paley, or Leibniz, or Barth. I think they are the same league as Hegel and Kant and Humes. Sometimes you wonder how can a common Christian be able to finish reading, let alone understanding, the abstracts of these doctrines and the level of sophistications that these scholars engage in. It takes a lot of people one lifetime to even complete a thin book on Christology, let alone a few thick volume on systematic theology. 

Yet theology is not that far removed from our Christian life. In fact, our theology will inform us how we see ourselves within the kingdom of God. Wrong theology will mean wrong perception and understanding on the word of God, which will in turn muddle up the way we live our lives for God. Small wonder why Paul exhorted us to take captive of our thoughts. Moreover, see what Jesus warned us about in the bible about false prophets, and see what Paul has to deal with in the Galatian church: super apostles. Correct grounding in the word of God, and in theology is nutrient to our spiritual life, and a safeguard against false doctrines. It is not that far removed. 

I think the first step, and perhaps the most important step in this, is to sip ourselves in the word of God, to faithfully do our bible studies properly and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in our understanding. I shall not quote these verses which we are so familiar with, but it will suffice to say that without god biblical grounding, you will be tossed around by the winds and washed away by the flood due to the weak foundation that you are building your spiritual life on. 

Christian theology is interesting and exciting. 


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