My Cost in His Cause

I realised that the issue of cost in His cause is something that I have to perpetually examine and reexamine in my own life.

One cost that I have not thought about and I realised earlier is that as someone who seeks to lead and disciple God's flock, he or she will be ruthlessly perfect by He who royally elects. I have heard that many times and experienced that many times, but I never linked it to be my cost for His cause. As a person desiring to lead His church, the cost I had to bear is really my own comfort zone and getting my hands dirty into other people's lives, inclusive of their emotional lives. This is easy when you are dealing with emotionally stable people but the crux comes when you are dealing with those people who have the tendency to allow their emotions get the better of them. This is just one example, but the kind I am particularly weak in dealing with.

But this is my cost. To expose myself in the lives of people, and bear the burden and pain with the flock God has entrusted me with, and to bear with the consequences that come along with it.

Such is the cost.


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