One year of Explosive

These few days just got me thinking about the past one year in my current LG. It has been a strange but yet fun one year. It started off with just three pax:

This is a composite pic since I dun have a pic of the three of us together. Then it became like this... gradually:

I guess we see quite some growth over the past one year. It's a really fast one year. I remembered when we first started out at three, it was quite a fresh experience leading a LG of only three people. We can almost go anywhere and do anything we want. Coordinating was much more easier then. Of course, we were blessed to receive more people and more people came to join along the way.

I guess this is one of the most open LG I have ever led (in the sense that we can talk about everything openly under the sun... including BGR... lol!!!), not that I have led a lot of LGs so far. This is also a very funny LG, in the sense that people have alter egos (although we made them up sometimes). The kind of bonding is also very much different from the others I have been to. But one important lesson is really that each LG will have its own characteristics and personalities, depending on the mix of the people.

Ok, this is a very fun LG. Hopefully will continue to remain so as this LG grows... those who know will know what I mean.


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