As a worshipper

And so I served my last time as a stage guitarist for Uni-YA.

For those who are wondering, I did not opt to step down because I am facing problems and issues. Neither is it because of my lack of spiritual life. It is also not because of my lack in skill. In fact, I felt that over time, my own skill has improved a lot and my musical acumen has grown over the past year in serving. It is also interesting to note that I am beginning to be able to fully express myself in worship when I am playing the guitar for praise and worship.

As I reflect through the past one year or so, it has been short but it has been exciting for me, as a worshipper of God. Tiring as it may be due to the need to go for practice and reach service venue early, as well staying back late for evaluation, the price for serving on stage has never been too great as the joy I experience by serving on stage. It is like Eric Liddell who told his sister that when he ran, he felt God's pleasure. It is as if for me, when I played on stage, I felt God's pleasure.

A lot of my reflections from my first time still stand, as I have posted back in 27 July 2010.

It is also interesting to hear comments that I always look happy while playing on stage. Result of joy from the Lord perhaps.

I will miss serving on stage. The reason why I stepped down is to focus more on mission work, and pastoral duties. I never thought I will need to do that one day. One year ago, I thought I could handle pastoral duties with floor managing and stage guitaring. One year on, I guess it is time for me to be more focused and not let myself be towed down by other stuff.

Till next time we serve again, I will never forget the fun we had serving together as a Uni-YA band.


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