Oceans will part

It was very ironic. I was happily running my marathon somewhere towards the 25km mark (I think) and suddenly I found my muscle rub cream missing. As a result I decided to slow down and started walking instead. Halfway walking towards MCE, I was looking at the sea, and thought to myself... I don't like the sea and ocean after my STM (I think I was having that thought or somewhere along the line of making sense of my feelings towards the sea).

Perhaps God has a sense of humor which no one can comprehend. Just then, my MP3 was playing the song - Oceans will part.

I guess God has a way to make us slow down so that He can meet with us and speaks to us. How ironic, when we are singing Oceans will part, oceans parted and destroyed life, and I wonder if people really know what they are singing about, when they ask God to show them the work of His hands, when it is not going to accept the answer.

I guess I am still in the midst of making sense of what I saw in Japan. But following that, I think it was good 3 hours plus walk with God and hearing from Him, being ministered by His Spirit.


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