Random thoughts from Global Conference (not organised)

Grow in God and the Holy Spirit and go deeper with Him.
Thru God and His leading we will be able to.
We are the gatekeepers in our prayer and we need to open what God has decided to open. Matt 16:17-19 God has given us the authority to reach out to the people we are ministering to

Keeping our DNA. Keep to the truth of God's word and we know to be the truth. We need to be going about the Father's business.
Continue the DNA of discipleship, raise Christ centered disciples.
Continue the DNA of mission. Continue the mission spirit. Our people must continue to look beyond the local boundaries.

Continue to develop the leadership team. Connect tightly with the team.
Invest in the team and look at how we can develop them.
Pray togther with the team.

Pray to God that He will give us victories in our challenges this year.

Now is the time of great opportunity for the church to go forth. God wants us to step forward in spite of the challenges we face as a church. We got to rise up in such a way that we live out God's mission more effectively and impactfully and break thru into new territories and rely on God's divine strategies.

We need to rise up together as a family of churches to do God's work, to be united and serve together.

Go where God is going, move with the Holy Spirit.

Unless we have the faith that God wants us to have, we cannot impart the faith that God wants others to have


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