Thoughts on New Year resolutions

It has been around 10 days into the new year but I am still thinking about my resolutions for this year.

One is more or less confirmed. I would want to take the year to venture out of Singapore more as I am doing now in Chiang Mai. The keyword is mission and if God is calling me to mission, it is really time to start thinking seriously about it.

Of course there are other things in my mind that I have not really thought through seriously or really taken the time to think. But some may stem from some regrets I had over in 2011.

Yet I'm in no haste. I have 5 days in Chiang Mai to think about it and allow God to speak to me about it on what He hopes for me to achieve and grow in for 2012.

Exciting year ahead. No hurry in making things happen but a lot of thoughts to be made sense of.


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