Thoughts from land far away

One thing about going for inter-denominational mission trips is that you meet people who are fervent and serious about doing missions for God. And that makes one think and reflect how serious we are when it comes to missions, especially the way they love people. I'm beginning to believe that love is really hard work and it takes practise. We need to practice love in our daily lives and only that it can be shown in the mission field.

I was just sitting on the car earlier while returning to base and began to have this daydream. I was imagining a time when God decided to take me home early and God was asking me how I felt. My response was to tell God that I felt that I have yet accomplished a lot of things for Him and I dun want to be home so early although God assured me that He has His plans for me and the rest of the people around me. Eventually He allowed me to return with the conditions that I quit my job and do His work.

On reflection, I am not sure if this imagined scene reflects what God has in mind for me... At least I know if He asks me to quit, He will provide for me. But the main thing seems to be on the level of commitment I am willing to go through and the level of seriousness for His work.

My prayer on a constant basis has always been David Livingstone's prayer:

Send me anywhere, only go with me
Lay any burden on me, only sustain me
Sever any tie but those which binds me to Thy heart and services

And the day comes that this prayer be answered, I have one more prayer: that I will not be wavered and be able to go through all the way for Him.

Think like a missionary, live like a missionary and pray like a missionary before one becomes a missionary.


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