For this is home

It was the Axis official opening ceremony in the evening. Listening to the song presentations and the sharing by Ps Jeff, Denise Phua and the folks in the video for their testimonies, I just felt so touched by God by His providence and grace to the church over the years. As I always say, if it isn't for the work that He has done in Hope, I would not have met the people who brought me in and took time and effort to disciple me to where I am today.

In a very absolute way, the sale of Nexus was an emotional affair for me. But moving into Axis and able to be part of the journey has been a great thing for me. I was looking through the Uni-YA journey over the past few years before we merged to become our now Young Adult's Service and I was shocked. I was involved in most of the milestone events that were listed there. I was ushering for the first service at NTU Alumni House on 28 March 2008. I was moving logistic when we had our service at Sophia Room YWCA. I was moving logistics and sometimes ushering when we had our services at Spring. I was ushering when we were having our anniversary at Love the World Cafe on 2 Jan 2010. I was floor managing during the Mission Service at HSR on 30 Jan 2010. Looking back at these memories, it is amazing to see how God worked in everyone's lives. 

And yes, everytime I think about it, I am glad that I can call Hope Church my spiritual family, my spiritual home. Amen

This is Home from Hope Church Singapore on Vimeo.


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