Supernatural Creation

Today is the first day as we start the 15 days of devotions in preparation for the Supernatural Conference. I was just reading today's passage, Genesis 1 - 2:3, on how God created the universe. As I was meditating on the passage and having my evening jog just now, a song very apt of this theme just played on my iPhone (bearing in mind I turned the shuffle mode on). How great is our God - both the Chinese and English versions were played in consecutive order.

How apt is it! How great is God who created the heaven and the earth. I remember the first week of my conversion when I went up to Genting as a pre-arranged trip. Upon reaching the mountain top, I was awed (despite the fact that I had been up there for many times) by how God created the nature. Every time I visit some foreign places, I will be awed by the greatness of His creation.

But it is not merely admiring and being in awe of God's greatness and creation. Lately I have been listening to a song written by Hope a few years back - Lord of Creation. The lyrics go like that:
Where does my help come from
It cometh from the LORD
The Author of love and courage and strength
He's where my help comes from 
Who gives me peace within
Peace like a still water
The Father of heaven and all universe
He gives me peace within 
Lord of Creation, all sing Your praise
The beautiful name of Jesus proclaimed
No one no other, You are my all
Take me and lead me to serve Your call 
You are the answer to life's mystery
You are the reason I came to be
Now with your peace and anointing on me
Father I offer my life unto Thee
I wonder how many times we need to be reminded, before realising that we worship a God who speaks the universe into existence. If He created all things, then surely nothing can be too difficult or impossible for Him. Then surely, there is a reality that is beyond the physical seen universe.

Even as I prepare myself for the Supernatural Conference, I also ask myself if I am prepared to see God working the same kind of miracles and power in my life. It may not be as dramatic as the story of creation, but the creation story does show the kind of attention God showed to us, His finest creation. In essence, our existence in the first place is a supernatural existence to begin with and there is nothing natural about the conception of life. Ask any respectable biologist and he will tell you that the mystery of life is something that has bewildered science for a very long time. In case you are trying to tell me about evolution, today the theory of evolution leading to life is not a well-established theory undergirded by substantial evidence.

But I was just thinking about the glory of God, reflected in our being. And I sing 'How great is our God.'


  1. Dear Matthias,

    Just curious as to what you meant by "the theory of evolution leading to life is not a well-established theory undergirded by substantial evidence?" This is because the same hypothetical biologist would tell you that the theory of evolution should not be called a theory, but a law.

    I'm not sure if you are differentiating between macro-evolution and micro-evolution.

    And, if you are willing to substantiate your argument with a hypothetical make believe biologist, why not definite evidence for micro-evolution and substantive inferential evidence for macro-evolution?


  2. I refer to macro evolution, that's why I said the theory of evolution leading to life, instead of just evolution (I just made it sound chim). Today, from the work of Darwin, we already know that micro evolution is possible. But proponents of macro evolution tend to extrapolate to macro evolution.


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