Serving in weakness

I have been thinking about the way that I am serving recently, or rather the way that God has used me in service recently. I guess attending a few HopeSem modules help to make things a bit clearer. I was glad when I realised that I shared the same conviction as Han Hui - cannot stand people from misquoting Scripture. I'm not sure about him but I also can't stand people with flawed theology. Over times, actually since I graduated from NUS, I'm beginning to realise that I am able to spot the flaws in people's theology more easily. In some sense, people's assessment of me has been consistent - I am becoming more and more logical and theological attuned.

As I was reflecting on this, I can't help but marvel and wonder if this is indeed God working in my weaknesses. For people who know me a few years back while I was in secondary school, I was not known for my intellect. JC was a different story but I couldn't see things beyond the surface. Even in NUS, majoring in history doesn't help in sieving out logical fallacies, though it helped in other ways. In short, I was not someone who questions a lot. I did read books, but it took me a long time before I could spot theological errors in authors which made me realise that just because you write a book, it doesn't mean your theology is correct.

Certainly, it was a journey that God has brought me thus far. The gift of understanding and knowledge was acquired through years of hard work. I cannot but marvel at the process, which I can't even fathom. This is important for me, as I move on to enrol into seminary and take up part time study in theology. It further confirms God's direction for me, along with his call for mission. Even as I prepare for the discipleship classes that I am going to hold for my LG, I realised that the tools and the skills that I have acquired are coming into use.

Till next time I reflect...


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