It was funny

I guess at a particular age, there are things in life which you try your best to run away but you will fail to run away because it will come and haunt you.

Take for example, the prayer meet last Friday, a prayer call was made for all the people in the congregation who are either looking for a life partner in the near future or distant future (i.e. those who want to get married). The prayer leader wanted to pray for these people to find a life partner that God desired in us. Naturally I stood up with the rest of the brothers. (An interesting observation: none of the sisters sitting with us stood...)

It was funnier but it got even more funnier. On Sunday, I was returning from my lunch purchase and I saw my grandmother. She asked me if I have a girlfriend and whether I need someone to introduce a girlfriend to me. The rationale was that a normal 28 year old man should have had a girlfriend.... -_-||| I naturally rejected but I find it quite amusing that it's now my turn to be asked and for people to be concerned about this kind of thing in my life. 

When asked by people, especially those in church, I have been using the excuse that if my shepherd (and ex-shepherd) are not married, how can I do so before them? I think now that they are married... ahem...

Addendum: It so happened last night that a friend asked me while on the way home on how I managed my singlehood... hmm...


  1. Actually, I'd be interested to hear too. Haha... thanks Uncle... xD


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