Seven years on

Today marks my 7th year in Christ. At 9pm at Nexus Auditorium, I received Christ into my life. Since then it has been a fruitful 7 years with its ups and downs. I can’t imagine how my life will be like if I hadn’t made that fateful decision on that fateful night. What turned out to be an innocent visit to service to celebrate someone’s birthday turned out to be a landmark day for me, a day which I will forever remember in my heart. It was a precious day to me, because it was the day I met Jesus and I never regretted the decision since then.

But looking back at the past 7 years, it was quite amazing how my mind was transformed by the grace of God to conform the pattern of Christ-likeness instead of the pattern of this world. When I made that decision, I seriously didn’t know whether I will regret or not. I remembered saying yes on the pretext of ‘trying out’. Of course, to me, trying out will mean to follow what the rest of the Christians around me did. That involved going to church on weekend, going for LGs on weekdays, reading my bible etc. Of course, little did I know that 7 years on, I am to sign up with a bible college to obtain a PGD in theology. Little did I know that God will bring me through an emotional journey over the past 7 years. Little did I know what He has in store for me with regard to the next few years or for the rest of my life.

I looked back at this blog and found how the contents changed over the years, as I seems to emphasize at certain points in time. Looking back at those post in the pre-10 Dec 2005 days, those posts are hilarious. But truly I tell you, I could never imagine that when I was writing those posts, I will be at a position to refute those today. I could never have imagined myself hating certain things and imagined myself doing certain things. I could have imagined myself going somewhere out there to earn big bucks but I could not imagine myself willingly giving up all the career opportunities I have to want to serve out my own calling.

I pray for many more 7 years to go. The journey ahead should be quite exciting.

Addendeum: it so happened that the sister who brought me to the sinner's prayer 7 years ago tonight accepted the wedding proposal tonight on her birthday...


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