Well done, good and faithful servant

Yesterday, during the sermon, the preacher asked us to go and think about what Jesus would be saying to us if we were to meet Him today. Would He say 'well done, good and faithful servant'? Or would He say that 'we are going into heaven by the skin of our teeth'?

It is indeed a sobering question to ask of ourselves on how we are spending our lives on earth. In fact, the passage where the term 'well done, good and faithful servant' was coined in the context on what we should be doing while waiting for the second coming of Jesus. In Matthew 24-25, the whole chunk of the passage talks about what is going to happen towards the end times, and Jesus devoted three parables to talk about what people were doing, firstly the servants who thought that the master was not coming back, secondly the virgin brides who thought that the groom was going to come early and lastly, the three servants who were given the bags of gold while the master is away.

The key thing for us to note (not going into details on the passage) is that we are given things and tasks and ministries that we are to steward properly. As believers, we cannot afford to spend our lives as if Jesus is not coming back, neither should we be spending our lives as if Jesus is going to come back tomorrow. But while we are waiting for Him, we need to do something.

And the question for us is whether are we doing that 'something'? Are we living out our lives such that we will be the good and faithful servant that Jesus will commend? And what is stopping us from living the lives that we should be living? What are the pruning and weeding processes that we need to go through?


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