I was just attending my biblical interpretation classes over the past one weeks. Learned quite a lot but that will be another story for another day. The thing I noticed over the past few days as I was reflecting on my journey is that God seems to be preparing me all these while for what I am learning currently and what I will be doing, particularly in this case, biblical interpretation.

Firstly, my education in history has put me in good state to do research. Truly speaking, there are a lot in research methodology which I have never learned till I enter AGBC but my time doing history means that I am prepared to 'whack' libraries for resources for my research, and an ability to recognise pattern in how books are being placed in the libraries. This means I can gather resources in less time than other people.

Secondly, history has taught me to appreciate historical context, the first question to ask in an exegetical quest. Reading up historical apologetic materials has equipped me with the basic understanding that reading Bible has to take account of historical context.

Thirdly, a stint in studying literature during JC, taught by some of the most capable and passionate literature folks one can find helps me to appreciate literary images and made it easier to work out the literary context of a passage.

Fourthly, God built my deficiency in language during my three years in my current workplace. The three years have built up my England... English a lot. It became apparent when I began to do structural diagramming and managed to catch the technical aspects of the language, something I couldn't do three years back.

Fifthly, he placed theologically minded people in my midst, to stimulate my thinking, including one joker in my office. Incredible stuff I must say.

Sixthly, dabbling in foreign languages previously allowed me to understand the intricacy of other languages, Greek especially. I was reading the LSJ today and realised I can now recognise Greek words easily.

There is certainly something that God is leading me towards but in the meantime, I believe that getting here in AGBC is certainly one of the correct directions towards that 'something'.


  1. Yeah...that's what people call me...incredible


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