Of Conference, Contemplation and Calling

I recently attended the Eagles Leadership Conference over the past week. It was an expensive conference, but it was worth every dollar because of this:

As some of my readers would know, Ravi Zacharias is my favourite Christian author. I would say that most of my theological thinking on a lot of issues stemmed from his writings. But most importantly, my conviction to go on the path to develop the intellectual side of my faith originated from him, whose ministry aimed to bridge the gap between the mind and the heart. His life is so much inspiring to me and the sacrifices he made just remind me of a life that denies himself and carries the cross. It was indeed a highlight to be able to hear him speak. I wish that I can ask him out for a coffee to hear his thoughts on a more personal level but I think just meeting him is good enough for me at this moment. But that remains in one of my wishlists.

But after attending this conference, what I got out from the conference seems to be very consistent with what I have been hearing from God recently. For one, I know that my time in my current workplace is numbered. That for some reason seems to be the direction that God is pointing. Second, hearing from all the speakers during the conference, I am encouraged by their ministries and their lives and I began to wonder if I can do something more than what I am already doing now. Not to mention after so many days of exposure to Ravi's talk helped me to stir back my initial passion for apologetics. I am taking a seemingly divergence now to pursue a theological education which I know will set me in good grounds in the future. But deep within my heart, I still desire to pursue the MACA with Biola University and eventually perhaps a D.Min in Christian Apologetics with Southern Evangelical Seminary, with a view to step into the world to bring Jesus Christ to those who have intellectual doubts on the faith.  Moreover, I also know that God has placed a burden in my heart for missions. These seem to gel more nicely together at this current moment. And I am praying for God to continue to show the direction that He is leading me, to show the good works that He has prepared beforehand for me.

Because of this, I wonder how can I expand my network in preparation for the future. There is one thing that someone said during the College Camp that I have been to previously, that we need to build up our network in Bible College as these are the people who will be there for us in times of trials and testings, who will be there to encourage us. Looking at the lives of the people whom I have rubbed shoulders with, the spiritual giants who are faithfully serving God, I agree with that someone (which I think it's my principal).

But certainly there is a need for God to provide. I have been contemplating, that the Bible promises us that if we seek His kingdom and righteousness, we do not need to worry about provision as God will provide.

And yet this verse will be etched into my heart and remind me once again the kind of conviction that God has given me over all these years:
 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jews, then to the Gentiles. - Rom 1:16 (NIV) 
Where is God going to lead me next? I do not know but I think He has laid out a general direction for me.


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