I realised that my rate of writing has slowed down a lot. Perhaps most of the writing energies have been channelled to my studies in school and those weekly forum posts that I post. Actually, come to think about, I kinda miss the days of discussion over IVLE during my NUS days. Perhaps the concept is foreign to most of my classmates, but I think the discussions over the forum in my modules have not been very engaging. Perhaps also because most of them are busy with their day jobs that they find it hard to participate in the forum discussion.

But how much I miss the days of sparring over ideas and thoughts in the forums. I remembered during the days when I was taking Film and History, I scolded another forum mate for thinking that the Da Vinci Code is history. I remembered how I was in turn being chided by Brian Farrell over the forum during my Total War days. The days when I was taking these modules, we had interesting discussions over forums.

Thus gone the days.

But the exchange of ideas never stops, at least in class. We still discuss a lot in class. My classmate asked me how come I have so much things to say during class and forum. But they have things to voice out as well. I enjoy the times when we disagree with what our lecturers say and we began to argue with one another over ideas and the theologies over certain issues and we question one another's thoughts in class. The exchange of ideas helps to crystallise my thoughts and better consolidate my ideas. I am thus getting excited over next semester's modules on Pentecostal Foundation and Christian Heritage.

I just wonder if I should post my papers and writings on this blog. Perhaps I would choose selectively excerpts of my research and share...

Just some late night musing as I wait for my hair to dry.


  1. Please do, bro! :) I'm sure it'll be a blessing. You could upload to Google Docs, and then share it. Why not even post to FB if there's a chance?


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