Alpha and such

It has been a long time since I last brought someone down for an Alpha session and going through the session allows me to reflect on the basic rubrics of the Christian faith. I must admit, at some point, doing too much theology has blunted my Gospel instead of sharpening it. I'm not saying that it does not help in understanding. In fact, as all of you know, my basic belief is that we need to get our doctrines and fundamentals right in our faith - correct thinking precedes correct living.

But as I listened to the facilitator tonight, I think I lost some clarity in my sharing of the Gospel to my fellow friends as I continue to dwell deeper into theology. Perhaps reflecting even further down, I would think that Christian apologetics remain my primary interest, although my interest in biblical theology is beginning to pick up. I still yearn to do systematic theology and as a result, philosophical and practical theology - learning how to put these into real applications. This is especially so for apologetics. In fact, over the past few months, I am beginning to become more aware that God may be sending people into my midst where I can address intellectual questions of the skeptics. The MACA may perhaps be my next step after finishing my journey with AGBC but that remains to be discerned from God.

Moving on from there, recently I have been asked to take on a new role, not particular in my own ministry. As I was asked to ponder about the implications and the other options, I have realised that we need to understand where we are now in our current season. I am not only talking about our current stage in life but talking about the locations that God has placed us in. It came to my realisation that God has placed me in various locations for particular purpose and identifying my place in each of these locations allows me to understand where each new role stands in relations. I am definitely excited over this new role though it is going to be tough. Yet, as I reflect, I have counted the cost and evaluated the price.

Once, I was asked if I am in church taking on leadership role to fulfil my desire for acceptance or somewhere along that line. I thought through and honestly speaking, there are other places where I can go and fulfil my desires. Counting the cost and evaluating the price of sacrifice in being involved in the church and the lives of many people that have been placed under my care, I would say that the cost is high. And with this new role coming in, I suspect the cost is getting higher by the minute.

And I began to think back on the word that I heard from God in the beginning of this year when I was also pondering about the different transitions in my life - to trust Him and lean not on my own understanding.


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