Eight years on

Reflecting on my eighth year in Christ, I can only give thanks to the many adventures, fun, tears and blood in this journey of faith that God has brought me through all these eight years. This is especially so this year, as it seems that it gets more and more exciting each year. So many things have happened over this past one year, since I last typed my reflection for my seventh year on this blog. And over this period of time, I have gone through four modules as a Bible college student, went for an extraordinary mission trip, made so many new friends, tried so many new things etc. From then to now, I remain utterly amazed by how He has led me through this race. 

But this year, on my eighth anniversary, I am glad to be part of the Tree of Life campaign organised by World Vision. This is an annual event that happens over the Christmas season, when World Vision Singapore will go into the different malls and set up booths to create awareness of the needs of the children in developing countries and by extension their child sponsorship programme. Two years ago, I started to sponsor two children from the programme, mainly because at that time, I understood that I was immensely blessed by God here and there had to be ways where I could channel the resources that God has blessed me with for other purposes beyond hanging out with friends on weekend nights. And to me, helping out with the Tree of Life campaign last year has blessed my heart tremendously and I considered it privilege that I can help out once again and enjoy the fun that blessing children all over the world will bring. 

So, if you feel that you have extra cash to spare this Christmas or you feel that God has blessed you too much beyond measure, other than giving the money to me, you can also hand me your credit card and I can help you to settle the rest. Otherwise, there is also the option of visiting the booths this season and going to World Vision website


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