However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. - Acts 20:24
Yesterday, I ran my 12th marathon. It was a good time of running, though I took nearly 8 hours. Throughout the run, the song, "Show me Your face", kept humming in my head and I was singing the song throughout the run (almost). What touched me was that the line, "I want to stay/right here with you/all of my days", made me tear a lot, resulting in additional loss of body fluid.

Yet, I found the time of gruelling pain worth the time. Many people do not understand why I choose to run, but for me, not only running the marathon becomes a prolonged time of worship and hearing from God for me, it is also my own expression of worship to God. Indeed, during the run, I was prompted to give thanks to Him, because He is the one who gave me life (both biologically and spiritually) and He is the one who gave me the legs to run. The fact that I can run is a testimony of His providence in my life, and I ought to give thanks to Him for that. I also remember telling the folks back in the Land where Facebook is not permitted that life is like a marathon and for 8 hours each time, I get to experience all the emotions, ups and downs of living a life.

Alas, I would think that this might very well be my last marathon as well (disclaimer: I think). Even in the last marathon, I have already sensed that my marathon running days might well be over, and I will be embarking on a different race altogether for God - to give up my life for this race that God has called me to. I do not know what race this is, and I will continue to evaluate before making the decision whether to participate in the next Sundown marathon. But all I know is this, that my life is not my own and I do not go around running marathons which are potential life-threateners. I should be responsible and not go running around doing things that might derail me from the race that He has set me up on.

And that should be my only aim.

And that will be my only aim.

Of course, I shall share more specifics once the time is ripe.


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