Reflecting on 2013 Part 1

Taking some time to start reflecting on 2013 while I can afford some.

Apparently, the mirror does not reflect the year fully, hence I will need to type out the reflection myself.

Looking back at some of the questions which I have asked myself last year during this period, I have become aware of the direction that God is leading me towards. I am glad that I have enrolled into AGBC - the spiritual formation that takes place in the school has helped me to gain a better understanding of my own calling in my life, through the many different tools that the college taught me. And I also thought that God was done with me on mission during this season, and it turns out that this was only partly true due to the recent trip.

Looking back at 2013 gets me more excited for 2014. I don't know what 2014 will hold, other than the fact that it will be my first venture into the 30s. Many thoughts remains to be consolidated. It looks something like this here:


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